This use-case is concerned with peer-review of repository-based resources, initiated either by the repository, or by a peer-review service. This use-case encompasses a range of forms of peer-review, including open-peer-review.

The COAR Notify concept of review may be extended to a more general concept like endorsement or certification with no changes in underlying technology/framework. In the digital age, we do not need to rely on a journal for reviews of research outputs, and we are seeing a trend towards the formation of peer review communities. These communities can exist on their own and undertake peer review independently (PREerview), or contribute to peer review activities of existing journals (PCI example), or be attached to institutional and national research assessment activities. This scenario will involve working with CLACSO, which represents a large community of scholars in the humanities and social sciences, to develop and support communities of scholars that will undertake reviews of research articles and other types of content in repositories.

Workflow System Participants Use-case(s)
PCI Endorsement Draft Peer Community In (PCI) Repository <-> PCI Peer-review, Endorsement