This website documents the COAR Notify Protocol, which consists of documented community conventions for the use of W3C Linked Data Notifications (LDN) to integrate repository systems with relevant services in a distributed, resilient and web-native architecture.

Notify notification patterns are more specific implementations of the generic patterns described by Event Notifications in Value-Adding Networks.

The COAR Notify Protocol specifies:

  • Notification Patterns (templates) which describe the payload for re-usable notifications. These notifications describe the individual linked data notifications sent between repositories and services, one or more of which may be used in a scenario. A given notification is defined in the context of a scenario, and uses a pattern.
  • A vocabulary which are used to provide values for certain properties in the notification payloads.
  • Scenarios which describe an example operation (from one or more of the identified use-cases), typically involving a repository system and one other service. These operations are enabled by the exchange of notifications.

In addition, this website documents:

  • Use-cases where Notify may be used to good effect to integrate resources in repositories with resources in other networked systems.